ROOF REVIVER    is applied to the roof, allowed to dry, then rinsed off the same day. We use a pressure washer with a special low pressure attachment which allows us to rinse away the stains without harming your shingles.



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ROOF REVIVER    is an environmentally friendly formula which will not damage your roof, gutters, siding, concrete, or decks like other products can. It is safe to use around pets and it will not damage your plants.

Roof stains, moss, lichens, and other growth are not only unsightly, they are actually damaging to your roof. If left alone they will gradually decompose your roof and dramatically shorten its life. Many people think they need to spend a fortune on a new roof when it just needs to be cleaned.

We only use ROOF REVIVER    Roof Cleaner because it is the safest, most effective product on the market. It contains no harsh chemicals like:

  • Chlorine bleach 
  • Sodium hydroxide (lye)
  • Phosphates, or acid

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Some roofs may have permanent damage caused by moss, lichens, etc. 
Treatment with ROOF REVIVER     will prevent the damage from getting any worse but it may not completely remove the stains. The sooner you attack the problem the better! We will gladly come out and give you a free evaluation of your roof to see what results you can expect. 

ROOF REVIVER    can be applied to new roofs to prevent the growth from ever happening. This is the best way to ensure that your roof will last as long as your warranty says it should. It can be used annually or at the first sign of growth.

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ROOF REVIVER    is applied to the roof and left alone to do it's magic. The stains, moss, and lichens will gradually be  rinsed away with natural rain fall. This method works very well, but it can take several months to see the final result.

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We offer three types of roof cleaning depending on your needs.

  • Chlorine bleach 
  • Sodium hydroxide (lye)
  • Phosphates, or acids

1. Gradual (no-rinse) Method
2. Rapid Method
3. Preventative

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